Dear students,

With a tradition gained through the concerns regarding the development of a culture of success based on performance, the Faculty of Economic Sciences has acquired year by year the academic prestige by providing a very good quality educational offer, permanently adjusted to the expectations of more and more beneficiaries. demanding, more and more concerned with the important transformations of the labor market in terms of the occupational structure, but also of the quality of knowledge transfer and good practices in the educational process.

Opening to society and the business environment, stimulating the quality of the didactic process, orienting towards performance through the direct and active involvement of the students, their involvement as well as the employers in the process of evaluating and ensuring the quality of education, represents for the Faculty of Economic Sciences the essence of a management policy developed over more than 27 years.

Any process of adaptation and transformation involves upstream a complex visionary package, built and based on the pillars of demand, competitiveness, professional value and top management, passion and love for the profession and students, for the teaching act in general, as part of a program rigorous and coherent, contributing with concrete answers to the new challenges specific to the knowledge-based society.

At present, higher education represents for Romania a resource absolutely necessary to redefine the foundations of competitiveness, competitiveness indispensable to the Romanian economy and society.

Starting from this premise, but also from the fundamental component of the activity of the "Athenaeum" University of Bucharest - quality of education for the labor market and public responsibility in relation to the assumed programs, the Faculty of Economic Sciences has at present the mission and the role to train specialists. capable of responding both to the development needs of national and multinational companies, as well as to companies concerned with developing their activity at national and international level, offering bachelor's and master's programs with specialization in accounting and computer management and business administration.

Studies and researches in the field, but also the economic-social life prove that the specializations offered by our faculty are increasingly sought, considered equally professions of the future.

Through the high qualification of the teaching staff, we are prepared to offer to all those who with confidence we pass the threshold programs based on originality and academic innovation, adapted to the complex structural changes in higher education in Romania, but also the dynamics of the entrepreneurial environment. As the whole team of the "Athenaeum" University of Bucharest, we are for a "Romania educated and connected to the changes of the knowledge-based society".

Lecturer. univ. Dr. Radu Gheorghe

Dean, Faculty of Economics | Athenaeum University

Faculty of Economics

It is an academic structure with tradition in private economic higher education in Romania, it was established in 1990 under the name Finance Accounting and Management Informatics.

As a recognition of the quality and professionalism shown in the training of the students, the Faculty of Economic Sciences was accredited by Law no. 135/2005 entering with full rights in the national education system, this implies:

• organizing the bachelor and dissertation examinations within the faculty;

• issuing of bachelor's and master's degrees;

• organizing postgraduate courses.

Being in a continuous dynamic and adaptable to the demands of the labor market, the Faculty of Economic Sciences has the following study programs:



The mission of the program is to train specialists who have the knowledge and skills necessary for the organization and management of modern accounting, their use in managing the entity of the organization.

Professional skills:

• Identification and recording of economic operations in the accounting of the entity / organization

• Use of IT resources in the financial-accounting field

• Information processing for the preparation of financial - accounting and / or fiscal reports

• Determination and interpretation of economic-financial indicators

• Conduct specific control operations



The mission of the program is to train specialists who have the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of management.

Professional skills:

• Identification, analysis and management of the elements that define the internal and external environment of the organization through SWOT diagnostics and analysis

• Elaboration and implementation of strategies and policies of the organization

• Development and implementation of the management system and its subsystems (allocation and reallocation of resources and activities)

• Identification, selection and use of the methods of forecasting, organizing, coordinating, training and controlling - evaluation

• Foundation, adoption and implementation of decisions for organizations of small complexity (as a whole or on a component)

• Use of databases, information and knowledge in the application of management methods, techniques and procedures



The mission of the program is to train economists with well-defined competences in the field of information technologies and information systems for the business environment, in accordance with existing educational and research standards at European and international level and in correlation with the existing qualification list at national and international level. Community.

Professional skills:

• Use of concepts, theories, principles and methods of investigating economic phenomena and processes

• Efficient use of computing, operating system and Internet resources

• Proper use of office software products to solve specific problems

• Development of components for software products, using advanced data structures, algorithms, techniques and programming languages

• Development of computer applications that use databases, multimedia resources and client-server technologies / web services

• Updating information systems / information systems and ERP applications



The mission of this study program is to train specialists, capable of responding both to the development needs of national and multinational companies, as well as to the demands of companies concerned to develop their activity at national and international level.

Professional skills:

• Collection, processing and analysis of information on the external environment-enterprise / organization interaction

• Assistance for the management of the activity of the whole enterprise / organization

• Managing the activity of a subdivision in the structure of the company / organization

• Assistance in the management of human resources

• Use of specific databases for business administration



The mission of the program offers the possibility of training the knowledge and skills needed to develop a motivated career in the field of marketing at European level.

Professional skills:

• Appropriate use of marketing concepts, methods, techniques and tools

• Use of computer tools and applications in marketing activities

• Collecting, analyzing and interpreting marketing information about the organization and its environment

• Foundation and elaboration of the marketing mix

• Use of sales techniques

• Organizing marketing activities within the organization


According to the Bologna process, the first cycle of undergraduate studies has a duration of 3 years and 180 credit points.